OG WhatsApp Old Version APK Download for Android (All Version)

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We will provide you with all the important information about the OG WhatsApp Old Version on this website. If you are looking for the old version of OG WhatsApp, then rest assured that you can download the OG WhatsApp Old Version from this website absolutely free. If you want to know how to download the old version of OG WhatsApp? So be absolutely relaxed. Because today’s article is going to be very important for you. You will get complete information about the OG WhatsApp Old Version in this article. OG will give complete information about the advanced features of WhatsApp and its disadvantages. Therefore read this article carefully till the end.

OG WhatsApp Old Version A widely recognized alternative to mainstream messaging apps, the OG WhatsApp Old Version has retained its popularity for a reason. Those who use the OG WhatsApp Old Version enjoy a unique sense of convenience and familiarity with this old messaging platform. According to normal WhatsApp, in OG WhatsApp we get many types of features that we need. If you also want to use it, then download the OGWhatsApp old version APK for your smartphone from this website very easily.

If we talk about the old version of OG WhatsApp then there are many old versions of OG WhatsApp. There are some older versions of OG WhatsApp which keep getting updated every month. But most of them no longer exist. You can download and enjoy OG WhatsApp old version for free from our website. The older version of OG WhatsApp has better features than the latest version. Most people use OG WhatsApp on their smartphones, due to which it is considered safe. The older version of OG WhatsApp has many advanced features that the original WhatsApp does not have. That is why, OG WhatsApp old version is more in demand than the official WhatsApp.

OG WhatsApp Old Version Download Information

App NameOG WhatsApp
VersionOld Version
Size62 MB
LanguageMulti Language
CostFree Of Cost
og whatsapp old version update
og whatsapp old version update

What is the OG WhatsApp Old Version?

OG WhatsApp Old Version is very popular and is based on the official WhatsApp. The older version of OG WhatsApp was created to provide users with all the features that were demanded from the original WhatsApp. But there are no such features in the original WhatsApp. Therefore, third-party developers tried to recreate it in the form of this mod, giving users the features they want and can enjoy. If we talk about the features of the OG WhatsApp Old Version, you will be surprised that it has so many extra features, which you will not find in any other WhatsApp.

Apart from the features, its looks attract the user, which makes it easy for people to use OG WhatsApp. If you use OG WhatsApp, then it also has the option to hide the last seen and along with it, many other features can attract you. OGWhatsApp is completely free to use with countless features. It is developed on the original WhatsApp model. If you want to download the OG WhatsApp Old Version, then you can do it free from our website.

Key Features of OG WhatsApp Old Version

You can download the OG WhatsApp Old Version by clicking on the above link. Now we are going to tell you about the key features of OG WhatsApp. Many extra features are also provided in OG WhatsApp, but here we will tell you some main features of OG WhatsApp.


Many other applications are banned due to their unknown and diverse modified versions. But this is an anti-ban app. Now you can download it without any worries and enjoy its features.

Privacy & Security

This protects users’ privacy. This additional layer of security allows users to enjoy media content discreetly, without jeopardizing their personal information or notifying other individuals of their actions. This is one of its specific features.

Save/Download Status

OG WhatsApp has a useful “Save/Download Status” feature, which enables customers to download and install photos and videos shared by their contacts as per the terms. This feature allows individuals to save media web content as well as access it, without having to ask friends. This enhances the benefits of the individual and produces a great messaging experience.

Backup & Restore

Users of OG WhatsApp can back up conversations, set, and media files as well as other information. This ensures that beneficial information is protected. This function enables the tool to smoothly restore data in the event of change or loss. Individuals can easily recover their chat history, options as well as media files.

DND (Do not Disturb) Mode

OGWhatsApp includes a “Do not disturb” mode, which allows users to temporarily silence notifications and alerts. This feature ensures uninterrupted focus or relaxation time without being disturbed by constant message notifications. DND Mode is a specific feature in OGWhatsApp.

Enable the all-time online option

OGWhatsApp offers the option to appear online at all times, regardless of user activity. This feature ensures that a user’s online status remains constant, providing increased privacy and control over when others can see them online. These features are present in OGWhatsApp.

Online Visibility

The online visibility feature in OGWhatsApp lets users see in real time when their contacts are online. It enhances communication, enabling users to connect with friends and family while being available for instant messaging. These features are present in OG WhatsApp.

Block a specific person’s calls

OGWhatsApp provides users with the ability to block calls from specific contacts, thereby preventing unwanted or annoying calls from reaching the user. This feature provides greater control over communication, ensuring a peaceful experience and avoiding disturbances caused by unwanted contacts.

Keep photos and videos hidden from the gallery

The “Hide photos and videos from gallery” feature in OGWhatsApp allows users to hide specific media files, from their device’s gallery. By selecting this option, photos, and videos sent or received via OGWhatsApp will not appear in the phone’s standard Gallery app. This provides an additional layer of privacy, ensuring that sensitive or private media remains hidden only within the messaging app.

Lock System

OG WhatsApp, an adapted version of WhatsApp, uses a lock feature, which improves privacy. This function enables individuals to lock their conversations, protecting them from unauthorized access. They can do this using a fingerprint or passcode. This additional layer of security can protect messages as well as media in the app from prying eyes. These features are present in OG WhatsApp.

How to Download & Install OG WhatsApp Old Version?

It is very easy to download third-party apps OG WhatsApp Old Version. If you are here for the first time, let us provide you with simple steps. By following these, you can download and install this app on your phone very easily.

Step 1- First you will not find OG WhatsApp on the Google Play Store, it is unavailable there. You start by downloading the OG WhatsApp APK from fmoldversion.com.

Step 2- To get started, you need to back up your WhatsApp information. Open WhatsApp, then go to Setup > Chats > “Conversation Backup”. Your conversations, as well as other media, can be backed up to Google Drive, or to the device itself.

Step 3- The next step is to set up OG WhatsApp. Once you’ve downloaded the APK, locate it in its file manager or Downloads folder on your device. Install the APK by touching it. To complete the installation, follow the steps on the screen.

Step 4- Go to Settings > Safety & Security or Biometrics & Safety & Security > Unknown Sources, and turn it on.

Step 5- After setup open OG WhatsApp. You will be asked to enter your number. Go to the number you initially used to mount WhatsApp. To verify your number, you will definitely be sent a code by SMS or call.

Step 6– Enter the received code, and then a page will open in front of you. Then you next it. In this way, OG WhatsApp will start on your device.

Difference Between Normal WhatsApp And OG WhatsApp

FeatureNormal WhatsappOG WhatsApp
Hide MediaNOYES
Auto ReplyNOYES
File sharing Limit100 MB999 MB
Best Quality imagesNOYES
Show Typing statusNOYES
Bulk MessagesNOYES
Security Lock SystemNOYES
Message forwarding Limit5 ContactsUnlimited Contacts
Do Not DisturbNOYES
Disable CallsNOYES
og whatsapp download latest version
OG WhatsApp download the latest version

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q? How do We update the OG WhatsApp?

Ans: You can download this application by downloading its APK on your device and continuing the installation process. This will be updated on your phone.

Q? Is OG WhatsApp Safe or Not?

Ans: OG WhatsApp is considered safe for users who focus on personal privacy. It offers additional features like adjustable themes, and the option to hide online statuses. Since it is a modified version of WhatsApp, it is constantly updated by developers, reducing potential security risks. Nonetheless, individuals should also be cautious when downloading from trusted resources to ensure a safe experience.

Q? What unique features does the OG WhatsApp version offer?

Ans: The older version of OGWhatsApp offers many unique features, like advanced security settings, customizable themes, and the ability to run multiple WhatsApp accounts on the same device. Additionally, it offers a familiar user interface that many long-term users appreciate.

Q? How do I switch from my current OGWhatsApp to an older version?

Ans: To switch to an older version of OGWhatsApp, first of all, back up your current app’s data. Then, uninstall it and install the older version of OGWhatsApp. Upon launching OGWhatsApp, choose to restore data from the backup. Now, you can enjoy using the older version of OGWhatsApp while keeping all your previous messages and data intact.

Final Words

In the above article, we have provided you with all the important information about OG WhatsApp Old Version. We have also given you the link to download the old version of OG WhatsApp in this article. By clicking on this you can very easily download OG WhatsApp Old Version for free. You can also enjoy its many features. OG WhatsApp indeed has distinctive features from all points of view. Anyone can download it and enjoy it. OG WhatsApp is an excellent alternative to WhatsApp for users who are looking for better privacy as well as personalization functions.

The older version of OG WhatsApp remains a popular choice due to its compatibility with older smartphones and its range of features. Whether you are an existing user or considering a switch, this article aims to provide all the necessary information to easily navigate the older version of OGWhatsApp. We hope friends, you would have liked the article written by us on OG WhatsApp Old Version. If you liked this article then please share it with your friends. To get such important information daily, stay connected with our website fmoldversion.com Thank you.

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